Why Outsource?

Avoid Payroll complications

Using our full management service means that your association doesn't actually employ any staff, removing associated payroll costs.

In addition, you will not have to make pension provision for staff as is required under current legislation.

Remove Office Costs

No need to maintain an office.


Book-keeping, preparing VAT returns, preparing financial reports, reconciling bank statements, invoicing .

Reduce Capital Costs

You will not have to bear the cost of purchasing, repairing, upgrading and replacing office equipment.

Technical support and backup

We provide all required technical support, and all data is backed up nightly in secure remote locations.

In-house experience

If you wish to make changes to the way your association does things, it's likely that we have already done something similar for someone else.

We have experience in areas ranging from the computerisation of membership databases to setting up online payment systems, secure membership areas, streaming video, E-mail campaigns, design, printing and distribution of publications, social media.